About Us

Hello and welcome to Easy FM – the place to be for all your radio station needs.

Who Are We?

Quite simply, we are radio and music enthusiasts. We love everything about radio and want to share it all with you. Whether it is classic FM radio stations you listen to on your old wireless set or online music stations you stream to your mobile device, we love it all!

What Do We Do?

Our aim is to bring you information and interesting facts about music stations and radio apps. We don’t mind if you are a talk radio fan, only strictly listen to sports-related shows or enjoy world news; we understand that for some, radio is more than just music. We hope to cover it all.

We have no preference to the type of music we cover either, country music is always a favorite, but we also have a soft spot for pop, rock, R&B, Hip Hop – basically every type of music you can think of; one-hit wonders to multi-platinum selling artists, we love it all.

How We Can Help You

You may be wondering how helpful our pages would be to you? Well, we do offer suggestions for finding the best radio apps, and we also take a look at some of the most popular radio apps if you are still struggling to find one to your taste.

But the best advice would probably be is to try many before settling on one. Some are ad-free, others are not, some might have too many people talking for your taste – it is a trial and error process to suit your taste.

If you have any suggestions for our site, then please feel free to let us know using our easy-to-use contact form.

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